A Library of Max/MSP Patches for Learning Music Theory

Patch Bundle -- for Mac or Windows users

Prepare Ye!

Before you download, please be sure you have Max/MSP installed. Don't forget to install the Bach/Cage libraries for Max. You can easily do this from Max's handy Package Manager.


Some of the patches require abstractions (in other words, there are dependencies). These are all in the dependencies/ folder in the ZIP file. Be sure to check Max under Options --> File Preferences... to make sure Max knows where to look for all the abstractions. Use the + button to tell Max where to find all the dependencies.


If you want to use some of the interactive features on the basic patches, double-check that Mira is installed in Max. You do not need to download Mira from the App store to use Semita on a mobile device as all interactivity is through MiraWeb.


Please keep in mind that these are technically alpha versions of the patches. This means that even though I have tested all the patches very extensively, there are still probably some bugs. I would appreciate it so much if you would tell me if something's wrong, so I can fix it! I am hoping to release the package in beta later in 2022.

I use a Mac. Things should behave nicely on Windows machines, but hey, you never know!

Let's Talk

I'd love to hear from you! Let me know if you have a problem, question, or found a bug!

Enough Talk, Let's Walk!

So, here it is...deep below and the library is yours.

Download Semita patch bundle
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last updated on 3 June, 2024

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