A Library of Max/MSP Patches for Learning Music Theory

Semita is a Latin word meaning "a narrow way", "a footpath", or a lane. It is a name I gave to a library of Max/MSP patches that can be used for live, interactive teaching of music theory concepts.

You can download all of these patches for free. They are available for download either as a patch bundle or as standalone apps. If you want the patch bundle, you need to have Max running on your computer, along with the Bach/Cage libraries installed. If you don't want to install Max, you can download the standalone apps, but they are much larger files.

Semita came about simply as a way for me to find new ways to demonstrate concepts and involve students in learning about music theory. Perhaps you might also find these patches useful, either for learning or for teaching. Please use them any way you like, according to the GNUv3 license.

I'm planning on adding to the library over time, and revising/improving individual patches as well. You can read about all of the patches here on the web site.

Here's a handout I created for a talk about Semita I gave at the Pedagogy into Practice conference, in East Lansing, MI in June 2022.

Here are some screenshots.

Interval Quiz

Scale Builder

Chord Quiz

Cantus Firmus and Counterpoint Generator

Subtractive Synthesis

Euclidean Rhythms

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